##FREE Sustainable Illawarra Barren Grounds Bushwalk

This fascinating walk explores the heath land that thrives on the sandstone plateau known as Barren Grounds. On the walk we will make our way to a magnificent sandstone formation known as the stone bridge. You’ll learn about the incredibly diverse array of plant and animal species thriving here, including the rare and almost flightless Ground Parrot and the secretive Potteroo. We will also look at how this area acts as a giant sponge and filter that nourishes the surrounding area with pure fresh water, and how it relates to living sustainably. This walk is an easy grade and suitable for any one of moderate fitness. There are some gentle inclines and rough and uneven track surfaces.

This is a Sustainable Illawarra activity and is open to residents of Wollongong, Shellharbour and Kiama Council areas only.

Bookings are essential – phone 4232 0465.