There are still a few resource conservation and sustainable living [rebates for NSW]( available.

Other NSW/Illawarra schemes include:

  • Fridge Buyback – earn $35 and get free collection of your second fridge if it’s over 10 years old and larger than 250 litres (Sydney and Illawarra) – [I did](!
  • Sydney Water Special Offers¬†– free DIY water saving kit (aerators, shower flow regulators), Waterfix Service (licensed plumber installs water efficient showerheads, tap flow regulators, adjusts single flush toilets for $22), $200 discount on replacement of single flush toilet, [Love Your Garden]( (horticulturalist vists and prepares tailored watering plan for $22).
  • NABERS Home –¬†provides free on-line tools for households to measure and compare their energy and water performance and find out where the biggest cost of energy savings can be made in their home.