It can be hard to find chickens for sale locally, especially if you’re after a particular breed. Here is a big list of all the places I found when I was looking:

– [Illawarra Mercury Classifieds]( (look under pets, horses and livestock, and for sale categories)
– Other local newspaper classifieds (Kiama Independent, Lake Times, etc)
– [The Trading Post](
– [The Land](
– Check notice boards or ask staff at pet shops and animal supply stores (e.g. [PetStock Albion Park Rail](, [Poplar Pet Food and Produce](, [Jamberoo Country Store](, etc) – use the [Yellow Pages]( to find local shops.
– Check notice boards at shopping centers
– [Dapto Poultry Club]( – watch their web site for upcoming sale days.
– [Backyard Poultry – Classifieds]( – search for “Illawarra”, “Wollongong”, “Dapto”, etc or for particular breed names. I’ve dealt with a seller named “Gez” from Dapto on there, and he was great.
– [Backyard Poultry – NSW Breeders List](
– [ChookNet]( – lots of forums for sale/swap/giveaway of poultry.
– [Wollongong Bantams](
– Brian Larkins Poultry, 20 Nattai St, Tahmoor (ph 4681 9722). Brian also visits Illawarra businesses regularly – for example he takes orders in advance and delivers to Jamberoo Country Store once every three months or so.
– Debbie and Jeff from Kembla Grange (ph 4272 1071) – silkies only.
– [FarmStock]( – this is Australia-wide, so you’ll need to search a bit to find something nearby.
– Ask around! If you know someone with chooks, ask where they got them. Or just ask your friends and workmates if they know anyone with chooks, then see if they can find out where they got them.

When searching via Google or within the classifieds sites, search for terms like “pullets”, “hens”, and the particular breed you’re after (if you know) such as “australorp”, “silky”, “leghorn”, etc. Also try geographical terms like “Illawarra”, “Shoalhaven”, “Wollongong”, etc to narrow down the search.