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Weekly Roundup – Woodland Home, Eggs and Grains

10 December 2010 No Comment

Wow, it’s been a busy couple of weeks. So busy that I didn’t get to post a weekly roundup last week! Christmas is fast approaching, and it looks like we’re in for a very wet and hot summer here on Australia’s eastern seaboard.

Here’s some interesting stuff I came across over the past fortnight:

  • A low impact woodland home – A superbly beautiful house that blends in with its environment. Absolutely amazing.
  • What does the term “free range” mean on an egg carton? If you’re imagining chickens roaming on pasture, scratching in the grass and eating bugs – you’re very wrong. Clearly this phrase doesn’t mean what most people think it does. Read this free range chicken explanation, and in particular watch the videos on that page to visualise the various stocking densities referred to.
  • Baked eggs in bread rolls – Yum! A very simple recipe, but utterly delicious. And it looks impressive on the plate!
  • Prevent Fruit Fly – Some great advice for home gardeners in Australia, and applicable to many other countries as well.
  • Growing grains in your backyard – I’d love to try this at some stage, both for our own consumption and for animal feed.
  • Dirt Girl World – An excellent Australian kids’ TV show about adventures in the garden, currently broadcast on ABC. The site has videos, games, activities, etc that kids will really enjoy. My girls love it.
As always, if you’d like to suggest some reading for the week ahead, please post links in the comments below!

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