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Weekly Roundup – Fruit Tree Swales and Chicken Tunnels

14 March 2011 No Comment

It’s been a while since I posted a weekly roundup. I’ve been planning what to do with vegie gardens for the past few weeks – with winter coming, it’s a great time to get some heavy work done in the garden without interrupting all the spring vegie growing.

More on that later – here are some posts that have caught my attention recently:

  • Jason posted about his fruit tree swales, giving me more ideas for my swales. He also left a very detailed and well-thought out comment on my post – thanks!
  • I ‘met’ (via email, through another new friend) nellymary, another local Illawarra blogger. She posts a lot of great info about simple living, frugality, gardening, preserving, bread- and cheese-making, stockpiling, fishing and more. Check her stuff out at Just Like My Nan Made (great blog name, by the way!).
  • More tinyhouse fantasising, this time looking at the incredibly well-crafted Innermost House.
  • The New York Times reports that the US is seeing increasing interest in farming as a career for younger people, although they don’t seem to be pursuing the industrial model. Instead they’re getting into the local, organic, specialty side of things.
  • The idea of wind knitting is kind of cool –¬†using wind power to run mechanical knitting machines.

  • I love this idea of chicken tunnels to guide chickens around your garden without giving them access to everything. Their upcoming Backyard Chickens DVD looks to be one worth buying, too.
  • Looking for more chicken tunnel info, I found a few YouTube videos here, here and here.

Feel free to make further reading suggestions in the comments below!

Build your own chicken coop.

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