1. Looks like a great way to spend a few hours. I would have been there except one dd had a singing concert. I don’t watch the news or listen to the radio I never seem to know what’s going on….


  2. Yeah, it was a nice relaxed afternoon and the kids really enjoyed it. And they did get lots of give-aways (t-shirts, rulers, stickers, pens, frisbees, etc) because there weren’t many other kids there to compete with :-).

    There was also a health expo on last weekend, so maybe some people who would have been interested were at that instead.

  3. Marina

    Sorry for the delayed response but I just had to comment when I realised this was here.
    If you thought it was good this year you should have been there last year! We done the family day out this year full of enthusiam and excitment, so much so that we even raved about it to some friends from Sydney telling them they MUST come, only to be somewhat disapointed and surprised by the lack of attendance (and relative activity)
    Last year they had a HUGE jumping castle for the kids, face painting, various talks, displays and tours that ran continously – so much so that we had to miss some to see others. We did manage to catch a play about composting for the kids, a talk by “the bush tucker man” that covered indigenous foods and medicines, a rundown on green cleaning (including how to make your own wash powder) a talk on permaculture gardening and an inspirational composting lecture by Steve.
    I was disapointed and surprised by the scaling down of the event this year and the demise of the permaculture garden. Does anyone know why this would have been, as the open day seemed like a roaring success the year before, and I estimate during my relative attendances that there were five times the people in the previous year.

    • @Marina: Wow, I had no idea it was that much bigger the year before. There was some kind of lifestyle expo or something on the same day, so that probably attracted some people away from Glengarry. Hopefully they can come back bigger again next time.

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