1. Donna

    Hi Darren and family,

    just a quick not to tell u the chook workshop was really good. Jill the presenter was very knowledgable especailly on how to treat diseases ect without the use of chemicals.

    We had a look around the pcyc permaculture grounds. that was great to see what u can do with such a small spac.e

    i have a couple of people your blog address to. I also met the lady who is running the seed savers workshop. She was very nice.

    Im going the cheese making workshope next week. It should be good. will tell u how it goes.

    Have a fab weekend. Cheers

  2. Awesome, thanks very much for the feedback Donna! It sounds like they’re planning to run this workshop again next year, so hopefully I can make it to that one. You can read all the books you like, but nothing beats actually talking to an expert!

  3. Donna

    Yeah it was great to get all questions awnsered, I got a digital camera today for my birthday of my hubby so i can start my blog. He also bought me a garden journal…
    So going to get started on my blog soon.

    Cheers Donna.

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