1. Hi Darren,

    We have electric hot water and to reduce our consumption, i’ve turned the temperature down for summer (we turn it up a bit for winter) – and our off peak electricity usage went from 1,400Kw/qtr to about 750Kw/qtr. (we are a household of 2 in southern sydney)

    That and a couple of other small changes – lightglobes, switching off the stereo at the powerpoint, and using the electric heater much much less in winter has brought our average Kw/day down from over 25 to around 18ish.

    Good luck!

  2. Thanks for the info, Sarah! I was going to check our hot water temperature too.

    I think from memory it’s turned up fairly high – I was concerned that with 5 people in the house we’d run out, but we never have so it’s obviously a bit high. Also off-peak used to only come on at night, but now it seems to come on at various times during the day so the tank gets more than one chance to “top up” the hot water each day.

    I’m sure we’ve got other electricity wasters around the house too. I’ve got a plug-in power meter, so I’m going around checking all our major appliances to get a good handle on where it’s all going. I’ll write a post on that soon!

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