1. Thanks for this information, this has been a very confusing issue. I think we’ll be trying to go for solar power before the new system kicks in. This new system sounds like a joke. I hope they’re not serious.

  2. I just hope there’s enough publicity to embarrass the government into making sure the RECs only count once, not 5x, when they offset emissions.

    I really think now is the time to be buying a solar system – especially with a report on NSW solar feed-in tariffs due next month. I don’t have much faith in the NSW government either, but hopefully they’ll approve a decent tariff plan that makes the economics of home solar more compelling.

  3. Hi Darren,

    Really great post! I have not heard that they were changing the means test for solar power panels. I will be looking at the links you have added and doing more reasearch. Thank you for writing this post.

    I’m off on holidays until mid Jan but looking forward to reading your blog again when I return.

    Merry Christmas Darren to you and yours.

  4. mickr

    I bought a Solar Hot Water system and Solar Power system from Earth Utility. I had a good experience with these guys – really helpful and more importantly got some really good deals. Met them at the gerringong town hall Solar Hot Water night.

  5. Thanks for the recommendation, Mick! Although I’d already seen their website, I met and talked with them at Gerringong too.

    Are your systems already installed? Do you remember approximately how long it took between giving them the go-ahead and getting it installed?

    My solar system is still stuck waiting for rebate approval, and we’re getting all this sunshine!

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