1. Donna

    Fantastic job guys. Great to see some pics of what you are doing. The nursury at Albion Park had lots of fruit trees there.

    Have u thought about raised garden beds like I did for your concrete out the back? They come in diffrent sizes. You can also buy them from the Albion Park nursury in parts and then you can put them together.

    Good luck with it all and I will keep checking back to see how it’s going.


  2. From the photos it kind of looks like a lot of work for little gain, but having a levelled yard is a huge plus for us. Also having some defined garden beds is giving us the motivation to actually plant some fruit trees and stuff.

    For now we’re going to leave most of the front yard as grass. The kids really need the play area. As they get bigger, though, I’m planning to reclaim more and more of it for garden beds. Just don’t tell Megan yet!

    Some raised beds like yours might work in our backyard. I’ll have to think about it. Problem is that it’s not very big and is on the south side of the house (that’s our shady side, for you northern-hemispherers!), so I won’t be able to fit many in. Worth pondering though!

  3. Thanks Robert! Yeah, it is pretty similar (to Auckland, at least), except warmer and not as much rainfall. I lived in Auckland for about 4 months in 1988, and loved it.

  4. Thanks Facaderens. You’ve reminded me that I need to post some updated photos now that things are pretty much finished in the front yard (and before we move house!).

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