• Thanks for organising the petition, Michael! It’s important to send our message to the politicians before they make a final decision – once made, it’d be a lot harder to get changed. I think there’s an opportunity right now to put a few of these types of incentives in place, generate some demand, keep the economy ticking over, and come out the other end of this recession with a stronger and more resilient Australian economy. It’s better than just giving everyone a handout so they can buy imported HD LCD TVs from Harvey Norman!

  1. Hi Darren,

    I also have written a post about this wonderful petition.

    Gross Feed-in Tariff Petition

    It is about time the boys and girls in Canberra had a wake-up call regarding their lack of action regarding a true feed in tariff. This petition maybe just what they need to snap them out of this stupour!


    P.S. Great blog. I have just added yours to my blog roll!

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