1. Great post Darren!
    This is perfectly timed, the position for my new vegie garden has fairly average soil, so I’ll be turning it with my compost and other bits n pieces before I plant in it so I’ll do this also.


    • It’ll help a lot I think, Christian. As you can see, at this time of year with good growing conditions it only takes about 4 or 5 weeks so it’s not too onerous. The digging at the end is the only hard part :-).

    • Hi Mashelly! I came across your blog a while ago, I think when you had just moved into that house. I somehow never got around to coming back. You guys have been busy! The photos on your site are absolutely gorgeous – you’re a talented photographer.

  2. Nice post! It’s a good idea to grow green manures over winter in garden beds that aren’t being used for winter crops. It will improve your soil, suppress weeds, and keep your garden going until you’re ready to plant again in the spring. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Blair

    I think that the terraces look very nice. I think they look better than a wall would have!

    • @Blair: Thanks! We were annoyed at not being permitted to build the wall at first, but now I think it has worked out for the best. I’ve got four terraces that are being productively used, and they provide a nice green barrier between the yard and the street.

  4. Moonbird

    Hi Darren. I have this beautiful green manure crop ready for mulching. According to lunar logic when is the best time for this? I wish to sew a lawn over most of it.

    Also, I am doing a garden reno for selling my home and wish to transplant and plant many plants. Do I do this according to the rooting phase of the moon so the roots grow healthy or by the fruiting phase of the moon for better flowering? Obviously I want it to look healthy and grow as quickly as possible.

    I’m a bit new at this and usually only plant vegies via the lunar calendar so unsure how to use lunar planting for these new adventures.

    Thanks Moonbird

    • @Moonbird: To be honest, I’m not too sure! Maybe dig in the green manure at the start of the Last Quarter phase, the time of rest? Then you can leave it for a week or two to begin rotting down, and plant the lawn late in the New Moon phase, the time for leaf crops? You’re probably best off to seek advice from Lyn Bagnall over at Aussie Organic Gardening.

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