1. Its a lovely life you are living, so creative and engaging. I’d love to see a profile of you, and become a ‘follower’, if you ever add that feature to your blog.

    The moon stories were interesting. You gave me the idea following the phases might just be a great way to design overcoming- procrastination into your life and planting.

    • @Cecilia: Hi, and welcome! I’ve been following your blog with interest for a while now. I especially liked your hessian-wrapped plant pots – very creative!

  2. Donna

    Hi Darren,

    Saw the peice in the Merc… Great article. Is that your garden in the pic. You need to post some more pics of your garden on your blog. Have agreat week.
    Cheers Donna.

    • @Donna: Thanks! Yep, that was my vegie patch. It looks huge in the photo, but it’s really only 15 ft by 8 ft. A wide lens and low angle can do wonders for perspective – I think she’d make a great photographer for real estate agents!

  3. Hello ,
    Wohh this is an intresting blog . I am going to let my wife see this as she is more intrested in gardening and stuff .I would love to search more on your site for herb plantation as , i myself works a lot with herbs.
    Thanks for all information


    • @Sudeep: Thanks! I have plans to write some articles on the various herbs we grow, but it could be a while before I get time to write them up. So many ideas, and so little spare time!

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