1. Greenfumb

    Like you I have begun to try Moon planting, so far so good – its the first time I have managed to get parsnips to germinate so that’s a step in the right direction. Keep up the good work, I love your blog, especially the moonplanting guide.

    • @Greenfumb: If it works, stick with it! Who knows, maybe one day some scientist will study lunar planting properly and discover why it works.

    • @Gustoso: Thanks! Have a look at the links on the left hand side of my site. Every moon phase, I post an article saying what phase we’re in, what dates it covers, and what to plant during that phase. I also link to Lyn Bagnall’s web site, where she posts a monthly article telling you what you can plant during that month. Hopefully that will help you!

      I love your site, by the way. I’m just starting to browse through it now. I think I’ve got the same seed addiction you do :-).

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