1. Hi Darren

    I too am keeping an eye out for any scheduled events around the region, but haven’t found any to date!

    I look forward to Earth Hour each year – as my kids are a little older we have a few things planned when we turn off the lights, “gizmo’s”/household appliances etc. If there’s no events on that are close by (don’t really want to have to drive!) We will be:

    Doing an indoor “camping by candlelight” with the kids!

    Drawing – using the shadows from the candles to draw our silhouettes

    Some “word” games (ie. Boys names, girls names, cities etc that start with letter A etc) and other similar games

    Tell stories (one of us starts then the next person continues etc)

    Discussing WHY we have turned the lights off!

    I hope everyone who participates has a great Earth Hour!


    • @Chrissy: Great ideas! Do let me know if you find any events in our area.

      @Wilson: Great to hear you’ve signed up too. I wonder how the total is going now? It must be huge with all the publicity I’ve been seeing.

  2. I looking forward to it too!

    One of the things you can do during Earth hour is star gazing!
    You might not think much of that, but most cities have so much light pollution that many of the constellations are obscured.

    How about laying a picnic mat in the backyard and try to spot some less obvious southern hemisphere constellations or maybe some shooting stars!

    It would be a perfect time to go for a run too! But i doubt council would be participating and turning off the street lights. –I probably don’t want them too either, for safety reasons.

    • @Edwin: Councils and businesses are only turning off “non-essential” lighting. So hopefully you won’t run into a power pole or anything on the night! Good idea about the stargazing.

  3. Hi Darren,

    So far so good, as there are nearly one billion of people from 1,000 cities all around the world will take part in this upcoming Earth Hour 2009.

    By the way, it’s less than 30 hours until the countdown moment, Darren. Are you ready for it? 🙂

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