1. Hi Darren
    You’re on the ball – great to see! I was waiting for the email to come through from Futurecare with the times etc. Thanks!


    • @Chrissy: No problem. We’re trying to get the info out through as many channels as possible. I’ve also sent it through to Sustainable Illawarra – hopefully they can help promote it as well. I think it’ll be in the Independent and the Advertiser this week too. I’ll be helping out at the Kiama evening – if you come, grab me for a chat!

  2. Hi Darren

    Hope to make it to one of the sessions (in between soccer training on Wed night and who’s turn it is to mind the kids! ;-)). I will definitely say g’day if I get to the Kiama one!

    We have been giving out copies of flyers about the Solar power project at our market stall (we received one in our mailbox weeks ago, so took some copies to give out) but now I’ll write the session times and dates on the flyers and also your website (if that’s ok!) – give them out at Jamberoo Markets


    • @Chrissy: Yeah, absolutely, I don’t mind you handing out my web site address! Thanks a million for handing out the flyers. I’m really hoping we can get a good turnup and show that our community cares about this kind of stuff. Possibly all the talk of wind farms lately has helped raised the profile of renewable energy in the local consciousness too.

  3. Great idea Darren. If I was living down that way I would attend. If you are attending could you write a post about what was said at the event?

  4. Hi Darren,
    this sounds like an excellent scheme, Grants for this sort of work are sadly lacking where I live (UK), but what a great grant this sounds!

    My husband is building some LED lights for our house and we’re hoping to get a small solar panel in a month or so’s time. It’s not much, but it’s a start and even if we can run the downstairs lighting from solar, we’d be delighted 🙂

    • @Mrs Green: Yes, the rebates here at the moment are very good. We get them on solar power, solar hot water, rainwater tanks, greywater systems, ceiling insulation, and more. I’m trying to take advantage of as many rebates as I can at the moment – this can’t last forever!

      Having solar power is really cool. Even if it’s just for a bit of lighting, it’s great knowing that you’re producing that electricity yourself and not being charged for it.

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