1. I have a spare bar fridge at home which is just sitting idle. Shame my fridge does not qualify (doubt it is 250L). But that’s a great way to encourage people to get rid of their old-energy inefficient fridges. However it will also result in my landfill space used for all these fridges. I guess its a lesser of two evils.

    • @Edwin: Nah, they’re not putting them in landfill. They’re being degassed, dismantled and recycled. So your next triathlon bike could be made out of the metal recovered from my old fridge! I pity you if it is, though, ’cause it’s a damn heavy sucker. 🙂

    • @Chrissy: Too true. Those little bar fridges are very inefficient for the quantity of stuff they hold. Part of it is that the insulation is so thin, so the fridge can be small on the outside but big on the inside. Still, it’s the big clunkers that use the most electricity, so they’re the ones that are being targetted.

  2. natalie

    It is a great scheme – but just to clarify a few things, to be eligible, the fridge needs to be in use as a second fridge, it must be working and if there are more than 6 stairs the rebate isn’t available.

    • @Natalie: Yep, there are conditions. The web site contains them all, and if you ring the number they’ll explain them to you. I don’t like to list all the conditions on these kind of posts, because they sometimes change and I’d hate to be giving people false information.

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