• @Edwin: If there’s enough interest, John is happy to put on a free workshop to discuss aquaponics in more detail. Please leave a comment if this is something you’d like to attend!

  1. Wow! What a great opportunity to see a system up and running. I am keen to eventually get something like this set up as I am worried about heavy metal contamination in our vege garden soil.

    If a workshop does go ahead I may be tempted to travel down as my mum lives down your way. Good excuse to visit her.

    • @Tricia: I’ll let you know if anything eventuates. It really was a great setup. It’s one of the few ways people can raise their own meat in suburbia.

    • @Chrissy: It’s amazing what I’m discovering in Gerringong! While I was at John’s, I learned of another person keeping bees in a suburban backyard. I’d love to learn more about that, too.

  2. Darren, I haven’t seem any homegrown turnips, after I moved to the big city…Damn, I missed the old days, where I used to plant tomatoes, potatoes, carrots and turnips in my hometown’s backyard…

  3. This is brilliant, have been lurking about the BYAP site for a few weeks after I accidentally discovered it whilst researching Marron.
    This article mentions a solar power system (2009) given this post is April 2010 I’d love to find out more about that system?
    Also any info on fresh water mussel /live in WA ?
    All the best to all ­čÖé

  4. Windy

    I have an aquaponic system in my basement and I would like to add mussels to my tank. Where did John get the mussels he is using? Can he help me find some?

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