1. Nice one Darren and Danny!

    At the Grove, we have managed to collect enough feral guavas to make three pies and one crumble (see the post http://maculatagrove.blogspot.com/2009/03/feral-guavas.html). We almost have enough for another pie or crumble. Getting free food which would otherwise be wasted simply rocks!

    Vanessa also noticed that some of our juvenile lillypillies have small amounts of fruit on them. So we should be able to get a harvest in the next couple of years.

    • @Jason: I had read your guava post. We planted some guava trees in the front yard, and feijoas out the back (which are similar, I believe). Lillypillies are actually pretty good, and are overlooked by most Australians – even those with them growing in their yard. I’m going to pick some more soon for lillypilly jam.

    • @Littlem: Thanks very much! The more links the better – I want everyone to get as much as they can out of these rebates. We’re supposed to be spending to stimulate the economy, aren’t we? 🙂

  2. Riberries? I never heard of it before, Darren. Would you mind to tell me, what’s the benefit of eating this kind of berries? Can the diabetics eat it without any hesitation?

    • @Wilson: It seems from your web site that you’re in the US? Lillypillies are an Australian native tree, so you probably won’t see riberries over there. The benefit of eating them is that they’re yummy! And free! I’m not sure about diabetics.

  3. What a cool blog. It’s set up so well and the stories are fun to read. I’m visiting from Problogger and think that an experiment in suburban household sustainability makes a wonderful tagline that lets me know what to expect.

    • @Beth: Thanks! I’m hoping (actually, I know!) this Problogger 31-day exercise is going to get this site to the next level. I’m a computer engineer, so I think I’m going to be enjoying your blog too :-).

  4. Sophie

    Hi, very nice blog! I like your story! And yesterday I picked lots of Lilly pilly! Wanna make jam or wine, then I found your blog! Great! Thanks!

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