The New Moon phase for June 2009 runs from 23 Jun – 29 Jun.

The New Moon is the time for planting above-ground annual leaf and seed crops, as well as flowering annuals and melons in the traditional [lunar planting calendar]( It is also a good time to plant green manure crops and apply liquid fertilisers.

For information on what to do in the various climate zones around Australia in the New Moon phase, check out Aussie Organic Gardening’s [What To Plant In June]( page.

For dates of future moon phases, refer to the very handy [ Calendar](


  1. greg

    When do things want to be transplanted from pots into the ground? I would think during the waning phase when sap is headed back into the ground (but wait, its up in the vegetation then…)?

    • @greg: I’ve been told that for annual crops it’s best to transplant during the recommended phase for whatever type of plant you’re transplanting (e.g. root crops during full moon phase). But it’s not as important to get this right as it is to sow during the correct phase. For trees, transplanting during the correct phase is supposed to help ensure they’re not set back too much by the shock of transplanting. It’s all about trying to give them the most chance at success that you can – missing the ‘right time’ doesn’t mean your tree is doomed.

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