1. […] NOTE: I have moved this post to my other blog, Green-Change.com, as it fits in better with that blog’s theme of suburban sustainability. For futher updates check out Wicking Beds – Water Efficient Gardening. […]

    • @Kirsten: Great post! I’ve added it to the list above. Your post is very clear and well-described, and does a great job of communicating a simple and effective construction method. I can see that it could easily translate to other bed shapes (rectangular, keyhole) and construction materials (sleepers, timber, logs, brick, rock).

  2. What I just learned from my wicking bed:
    You can’t stake up a wild tomato bush in a wicking bed because of the weed matting barrier between the growing medium and the reservoir medium. Luckily, I made mine with exterior posts holding up zincalume sheeting as the walls of the bed. I’m going to erect a frame over it for next summer to a) support shade cloth and b) to tie up tomatoes that are hell-bent on garden domination 🙂

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