• Absolutely, go for it Wilson! We’re the third FutureCare group that I know of in my area (Berry and Jamberoo have them), and there has been some talk of starting another one up nearby (Albion Park). There’s no formal affiliation or anything – each group is just a bunch of locals wanting to make their community more sustainable.

  1. Hi Darren

    It was great meeting in person! I think the night was a great success – it was a bit exciting having like-minded people together for such a worthy cause!

    I must say, I REALLY enjoyed Lincoln’s performance – great variety all round!

    Congrats to all of you who put in the hard work!


  2. @Chrissy: Thanks for supporting us on the night! Having all the eco-businesses there gave it an extra dimension, and hopefully opened a few eyes to what is available out there in our area.

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