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Kev’s Patch Update

19 June 2009 6 Comments

Kevin Rudd would be this happy all the time if he had a vegie patch!

The “Kev’s Patch” campaign is gaining momentum! I’ve teamed up with a couple of other bloggers (Gavin from The Greening of Gavin and Julie from Go Greener Australia) to set up a new site promoting the initiative – the Kev’s Patch blog.

I love that header image above that Julie did for us!

If you think it’s a good idea for our PM to start a vegie patch at The Lodge, please help us publicise the site. We’re hoping to have some small promotional graphics soon that supporters can put in the sidebar of their blogs.

Organic food growing for beginners manual.


  • Julie said:

    Love it, love it, love it! Can’t wait for the badges 🙂

  • Wilson Pon said:

    Way to go to all Aussies, Darren. Aren’t you proud to be an Aussie? 🙂

  • Tim said:

    G’day Darren, how’s it rocking? I like the idea, think it’d be good for the Lodge, keep up with the times…

    I’ve got your interview edited, I just need a few photos to go with it. I’ve emailed you what ones I was thinking. Do you rekon you could send a few through, and I’ll get it up and happening.

    Hope it’s all pottering along well, Tim

  • Darren (author) said:

    @Tim: Hi! I got your email, I’ll try to get back to you ASAP. Got a lot happening here at the moment and not much time on the computer.

  • Tim said:

    G’day Darren, how’s it rolling along? I’ve finally got the interview I did with you on the Super Challenge up and out there. Check it out at,


    Be cool to hear what you think.


  • Darren (author) said:

    @Tim: Awesome, thanks Tim! I just posted a link to it. I really liked how it turned out.