The Garden to Kitchen Network is an exciting new network operating out of the North Kiama Neighbourhood Centre aimed at providing interested community members with an information forum on sustainable food and related topics.

The network meets on the fourth Monday of every month at the North Kiama Neighbourhood Centre between 10am and 12 Noon.

This month’s talk will be “Composting, Worm Farming and the Bokashi Bin”, by Josephine St John, Kiama Council Waste Minimisation Officer.

For more information on the Garden to Kitchen Network, please call North Kiama Neighbourhood Centre on 4237 8422 or Kiama Council on 4232 0416.


  1. Lynn Wood

    I attended the composting workshop run by Josephine last weekend in Hindmarsh Park and highly recommend it. Josephine does a great job and keeps it really interesting and I guess I was surprised at how much I didn’t know. Particularly the discussion about what can be recycled these days. We have some outdated views about what can go into recycling. There is no excuse these days for putting out a full red bin….

    • @Lynn: Yeah, I attended one last year and was also surprised how much I got out of it. Very worthwhile! We also had a big discussion about what can go into the recycling bin – we were going by a council handout, and it turned out that much of what it said was wrong! Things like pizza boxes can definitely be recycled according to Josephine, whereas most people tell you they can’t.

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