1. Greenfumb

    Thanks for the heads up.

    BTW I made the laundry soap today for the first time and my first load is in the machine as we speak. Thanks for the recipe. Deb

    • @Greenfumb: Let me know what you think of the laundry soap! We’re still happily using it, it cleans just as well and saves lots of $$$s.

      @Jasmine: It was great, wasn’t it? I’ll definitely keep watching.

      @ecoMILF: (great name, by the way!) Did you catch it this week?

      @Happyearth: Definitely get him down to the Gong! The community gardens, Dapto Community Farm, the produce swap, the SI workshops would all be great things I’m sure he’d like to cover. Contrasting the green initiatives with Wollongong’s reputation and past as a coal-mining and steel-making town would make for an interesting angle. “Look how far they’ve come!”

      @Mia: Was the whole episode available? That’s awesomely cool if it is!

  2. Jasmine

    I just saw, and enjoyed the episode and will definitely be watching it again next week. It has potential. I like it!

  3. Hi Darren. I missed the show due to our Sustainable living group AGM. I will have to catch it next week. OBTW, good to see you blogging again!


    • @Gavin: Yeah, it’s on my weekly roster! You should contact Costa, I’m sure he’d love to see what you’re doing in the middle of suburbia.

  4. Thanks for the heads up on the show Darren. I got to watch most of it (If only I got the kids organised earlier! ;-)) – and really enjoyed it. What a magic personality Costa has – will try to tune in next week!


  5. Katrine

    Watched Costa last night and felt inspired and uplifted by his enthusiasm and his organic, holistic approach to everything. He confirms all I believe in and gives me hope!! Thanks

  6. ram iyengar

    costa, I watched your show last week, and was just ‘ bowled-over’. It was really great!. i would like a ‘make-over’, in my garden like that. I am not physically a very fit person, hence i cannot join your ‘ make-over team’ Still, I potter about in my garden trying to keep it in shape. In case you are in sydneynext time, I would like to take your advise, reg. our garden. keep-up the great work. sincerely,-ram.

  7. Damien

    Costa has the greatest beared I have ever seen! It is Beautiful! This program rocks. So much energy. It made me take a whole fresh look at my Garden and all the things in it. Your love for the natural world and all the tasty food in it really comes across in the program. It is a must watch for me and my family. When it comes on my six year old daughter yells out , ‘NOM NOM NOM NOM!’

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