• @Jason: (Un)fortunately it has a pretty decent sized shed, but it doesn’t look entirely weatherproof and isn’t lockable/secure. So I can accumulate building materials and useful stuff, but (hopefully!) not household stuff.

    • @Jason: The dam is empty at the moment (for the first time in twenty years!) due to very low rainfall over the past 18 months. Still muddy in the bottom, but no water. I think it might also partly be because of trees that have grown around the edges and wall of the dam sucking up the water and making the bottom of the dam more porous with their roots. You’ll laugh at the shed – it’s timber and corrugated iron, in original condition from about 50 years ago! I’m going to turn part of it into a chook house and use the rest for storage (mower, tools, construction materials, etc). It’s got no power or lighting.

      @JulieG: Thanks! I can’t wait to get in!

      @Edwin: I’m looking forward to next winter with a nice warm fireplace. And hopefully that kitchen will see a lot of use with all the food we’ll grow :-).

  1. Donna

    Hi Darren,

    Wow thats fantasic place. Ow im sooo jealous!!! the land looks really good. Good luck with the move!! Hope to see u at the SUstainable illawarra get together if your going.


  2. Hi Darren

    Wow, what a gorgeous home! I have no doubt you’d be very keen to just move in now… it’s lovely and hope you got to clean up the current home for the photo’s!

    All the best,

  3. Darren, I knew you’ve a very terrible week, thanks to the uninvited dust storm. However, just hang on there, as it’s going to be fined later on…

    By the way, I loved your new house, especially the environment is a whole lot better than the previous one! Man, you’ve got a great taste with the interior design as well! 🙂

  4. Hi Darren, the place looks great! Will you be going “off-grid”. Looks like a good spot for a wind turbine and another solar PV array!

    Have fun, and keep us all updated on the new veggie patch!


    • @Wilson: The dust and winds weren’t too good for the garden, especially as we were trying to get everything nice for our first open house inspection this weekend! Hopefully it’s settled down now. The old house is in a really nice street, and we’ve loved living here. The only thing we wanted was more land. It’s going to be sad to leave, but we’re looking forward to the big adventure ahead of us.

      @Gavin: No, no off-grid plans (for now!). We are taking our solar panels with us, though. The long axis of the new house runs east-west, so it’s got a lovely long north-facing roof to mount solar stuff on. Unfortunately they current owners installed a new off-peak electric hot water system just 2 years ago, so it might be a while before we can justify replacing that with solar hot water. But additional solar power panels and some kind of wind turbine are definitely on the radar!

  5. Looks great Darren. Both the house and the land. We hope to move to the “country” in around 10 years when the girls are finished with school. Can’t wait to read about your adventures in your new home.


    • @Libby: Thanks! We’ve been looking for just the right place for a couple of years now, and it’s a huge relief to have finally found what we wanted. Posting is a bit slow at the moment with all that’s going on, but I’ll be back with lots of new posts soon.

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