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Book Giveaway – Choosing Eden

11 October 2009 16 Comments

With all the cleaning, packing, and general-getting-ready for our upcoming move to Jamberoo, I haven’t had much time to post anything here on Green-Change. Sorry about that!

To keep things ticking over a bit in my virtual absence, I’ll do a few giveaways over coming weeks. The first one is the book “Choosing Eden”, by Adrienne Langman.

Cover image - Choosing Eden by Adrienne LangmanFrom the back cover:

“Our friends thought we had taken leave of our senses. Larry and I had traded Florsheim wingtips and Manolo Blahnik sandals for muddy steel-capped work boots. We had given up brioches and cappuccinos in favour of homemade bread and jam. In our fifties, we took on the heavy manual labour of farming that would have better suited us in our twenties, and our plan was to become as self-sufficient as possible.”

When global oil reserves run dry, the price of food, fuel and other everyday necessities will skyrocket out of the reach of ordinary people. An energy crisis is coming, and it will change the world we know forever.

Adrienne and Larry are an average middle-aged couple who have left their children and grandchildren, their friends, their jobs and a comfortable home in Sydney and set themselves up on a twelve-acre block in Nana Glen in northern New South Wales. They aren’t chasing a whimsical dream or planning an idyllic retirement. Their goal is to establish a fully self-sustaining food farm, as quickly as possible, that will provide for them and their family in the uncertain years ahead.

CHOOSING EDEN is Adrienne’s inspiring first-hand account of their efforts to learn how to get back to basics and live off the land. It’s a fascinating story told with warmth and humour, but it has an urgent message: we need to make changes in our lives, and the sooner we act the better.

About the author:

Adrienne Langman started her working life as a nurse and then changed careers, becoming an executive recruiter and trainer. She ran her own companies and was a consultant to many others during a highly successful 30-year corporate career. Adrienne is the author of ON YOUR OWN – MONEY MANAGEMENT FOR THE SINGLE PARENT and raised three children as a single parent before marrying Larry in the early 1990s. Adrienne and Larry now live on a farm in Nana Glen, NSW, where they have dedicated themselves to learning about and creating self-sustainability.

For those in the Kiama municipality, this book is available from Kiama Library.

If you’d like a chance to win this book, simply leave a comment below. Make sure you leave your email address in the appropriate field so I can contact you (it won’t appear anywhere on the blog – only I will be able to see it). The winner will be chosen randomly from all comments left before midnight on 21 October 2009. I will cover postage within Australia – overseas readers are welcome to enter if you’re willing to chip in for postage if you win.

And the lucky winner is... Jasmine!Update: Sorry I was a bit late in drawing the prize, but I’ve done it now. I used Random.org to randomly select a commenter. It came out to 12, which means Jasmine is the lucky winner! Congratulations Jaz, I’ll email you to get your details.


  • Amin said:

    Awesome! count me in 🙂

  • Darcy Moore said:

    Darren, we shifted the chicken coop, tilled the well-manured soil and planted basil, parsley, pak choi, carrots, cucumbers, corn and a passionfruit today. Not exactly Eden – but when the scarecrow went up, it was pretty close!

  • Tricia said:

    Sounds good. i’ll take my chances.

  • Greenfumb said:

    Sounds right up my alley. Count me in too.

    Congratulations on your move by the way – looks fabulous.

  • madwoman-doing-cartwheels said:

    I’m in the US and I’d chip in for postage! Since on my US Amazon there is only one copy (used) and it’s $106.00. Sohere’s my entry and we’ll see what happens.

  • Marina said:

    I would love to be in this one please. Good luck with the move – we are in the same process at the moment. It proves to be cleansing though. I have found that we are tending to dump (ebay) our newer items and to be only taking our authentic (dodgy) pieces along with a whole heap of “materials” to construct our new world. I can tell our moves both represent a new gear in lifestyle change. Goodluck

  • Karen Anne said:

    Throwing my hat in the ring.

  • kate said:

    I’d love to be in this giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity.

    cheers Kate

  • Danny said:

    I’m in too 😉

  • Wilson Pon said:

    Darren, I’ve read this book before in my friend’s house. Honestly, it’s a very awesome book, which is suitable for everyone who has passion in gardening!

  • Karen Anne said:

    It turns out my library can order it via inter-library loan, so take me out of the queue. Thanks!

  • Jasmine said:

    I’d be very interested. Thanks for the opportunity! Grace+Peace Jaz

  • Donna said:

    HI darren,

    glad the packing ect is going well. I was wondering how it was all going. thought u may be busy.. Great book i borrowed it from the libray at unanderra. Well worth a read.


  • NancyJo Fielding said:

    As a recent empty nester in my late forties, it is awesome to hear of someone changing their whole life around to make themove toward self sustainable living. I would love a chance to win this book – and would certainly chip in for postage!

  • GoingGreen said:

    sounds like a very interesting book :o)

  • Helen Smith said:

    Sounds great, would love to win it to share with others.