1. Darren, we shifted the chicken coop, tilled the well-manured soil and planted basil, parsley, pak choi, carrots, cucumbers, corn and a passionfruit today. Not exactly Eden – but when the scarecrow went up, it was pretty close!

  2. Greenfumb

    Sounds right up my alley. Count me in too.

    Congratulations on your move by the way – looks fabulous.

  3. madwoman-doing-cartwheels

    I’m in the US and I’d chip in for postage! Since on my US Amazon there is only one copy (used) and it’s $106.00. Sohere’s my entry and we’ll see what happens.

  4. Marina

    I would love to be in this one please.
    Good luck with the move – we are in the same process at the moment. It proves to be cleansing though. I have found that we are tending to dump (ebay) our newer items and to be only taking our authentic (dodgy) pieces along with a whole heap of “materials” to construct our new world. I can tell our moves both represent a new gear in lifestyle change. Goodluck

  5. Darren, I’ve read this book before in my friend’s house. Honestly, it’s a very awesome book, which is suitable for everyone who has passion in gardening!

  6. Karen Anne

    It turns out my library can order it via inter-library loan, so take me out of the queue. Thanks!

  7. Donna

    HI darren,

    glad the packing ect is going well. I was wondering how it was all going. thought u may be busy..
    Great book i borrowed it from the libray at unanderra. Well worth a read.


  8. NancyJo Fielding

    As a recent empty nester in my late forties, it is awesome to hear of someone changing their whole life around to make themove toward self sustainable living. I would love a chance to win this book – and would certainly chip in for postage!

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