Venue: Berry Poultry Pavilion located at the Berry Showground Alexandra Street Berry NSW

Date: Sunday 22 August April 2010

Time: Poultry Shed will open from from 9am to view the birds. The Auction will commence at 10.30am.

All buyers much register prior to bidding.

Penning fee: $3 per pen maximum 3 birds per pen and no commissions. Limited pens available and they MUST be booked by 19 August or until pens are fully booked. Limited pens available and due to demand a limited amount of single or more than one Cockeral and Rooster per pen will be accepted for sale.

Information cards on breed, age and gender will be placed on pens so if booking pens please supply this information. Penning encouraged the night before from 2pm. Birds will be accepted for penning until 7.30am on Sunday 22 August. No birds will be accepted for sale after these times. All birds MUST be registered. We reserve the right to refuse sick birds.

Payment: Cash only sales. Payment for sold birds can be made on the day.

All penning fees and profits from the day will be donated to Hands Across NSW, a local charity helping drought affected families.

There will be educational displays on keeping chooks and ducks, even in residential areas, and knowledgeable volunteers will be happy to answer all your questions about the birds on Auction.

Refreshments available all day and camping facilities available at the Berry Showground.

For more information or to book pens, contact Shayne on 0410 548 704 or and Nathan at

Birds booked in so far:


  • Wyandottes in a dozen different colors
  • Dark Barred Plymouth Rocks
  • Light Sussex
  • Double Laced Barnevelders
  • Anconas
  • Blue Leghorns
  • New Hampshires
  • Cochins
  • Brahmas
  • Lots of Pretty Backyard layers
  • Isa Browns.
  • Rhode Island Reds
  • Blue Australorps
  • Silkies
  • Silver Grey Dorkings


  • Belgians in Millie and Blue Millie, Silver, Black, Porcelaine
  • Pekins
  • Pekin x Silkies
  • Araucana

Other Poultry

  • Buff and Bronze Turkeys
  • Geese
  • There will also be lots of chicks and ducklings


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