1. Good stuff Darren.

    Saving the environment by recycling the fridge and also getting some cash in your pocket too. It’s a great scheme and I think they were advertising it a little some time ago, but not you never hear about it anymore. Good to know that the scheme is still around.

    Also I wonder what’s behind the 6 steps rule? If it was 5, I can understand that it could just be a random number they picked. But 6 seems like they worked it out from somewhere…

  2. Dear Darren,
    I work for fridge Buyback and unfortunately we can only pick WORKING SECOND fridges this is because the program is supported by the NSW Government’s Climate Change Fund and is designed to save power by removing a fridge from circulation not by replacing it.
    It is a great program so ring us on 1800 708 401 0r look at our website http://www.fridgebuyback.com.au.

    • @Amanda: Thanks for dropping by. I’ve updated the info in the post to make it clear that it needs to be a working second fridge. As always, readers are encouraged to visit the linked site for full details of the scheme.

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