1. Darren,

    This brings a frightening perspective to the tragedy. I will publicise at my school so the kids realise the magnitude of the disaster.


    • @Darcy: It actually surprised me how large an area is affected, and it’s obviously still growing. The environmental impact is unimaginable. This is a great example of the power of mashups, drawing in data from multiple sources to create a unique and very effective communication tool.

  2. Michael

    I grew up between Baton Rouge and New Orleans, Louisiana. I’ve been down to the Mississippi and Louisiana coast hundreds of times as a kid to swim, fish, and explore historic sites. My heart broke into pieces as my beloved city, New Orleans, filled with water when Hurricane Katrina struck.

    Now, I’m just numb. I can’t imagine all the wetlands, swamps, and coastline covered in oil. I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around the impact this spill will have. The swamps and wetlands of the Gulf Coast are as stunning and beautiful as anything else in this world. The loss is will be staggering and I hope that this event will trigger a real attempt to ween the world from the teat of oil and gas.

    • @Michael: That must be hard. It’s like a little piece of you has been killed. I’m hopeful that this will give us cause to reassess what we’re doing, but then the Exxon Valdez disaster was pretty big and didn’t have that effect. Time will tell.

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