1. There’s always some hidden gem to be found at those markets.

    They have the Friday Markets in Wollongong on Crown Street and I sometimes like to go there to get some Veggies. They’re really fresh!

    I have to take a look at the Dapto markets!

    Are the Dapto markets every Sunday? Or is it like Kiama where it only occurs once a month?

  2. Okay I have to confess I’ve lived at Kanahooka for 3.5 years now and have never been to the markets. I’ll have to be sure to visit soon.


  3. Tim

    I live up the street from the Dapto markets and though I enjoy it very much the picture above is not from Dapto.

    • @Tim: You’re right, it doesn’t look like Dapto does it? It looks like maybe Berry markets to me, not sure. I got the photo from the Dapto Markets web site, though!

  4. Alissa

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