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Weekly Roundup – Rooting Hormone, Eco House and Leftovers Recipes

24 December 2010 No Comment

OK, so it’s been two weeks since I last posted a weekly roundup, but it’s that time of year!

I have a huge backlog of posts, photos, etc that I’m hoping to get written up after Christmas, so please drop me an email and give me a nudge if you think I’m slacking off :-).
  • DIY Rooting Hormone – Made from willow. I’ve done this before – it’s simple, cheap and effective.
  • Gavin Webber on the 7pm Project – An online friend of mine (and fellow green blogger!) from Melbourne was interviewed on the 7pm Project this week – worth a watch. It’s interesting to see “frugality” as a concept hitting mainstream prime-time media.
  • Eco House and Garden at the Kimbriki Resource Recovery Center (formerly the less fancy-named “Kimbriki Tip”) at Terrey Hills (Sydney, Australia). Kimbriki diverts almost 70% of the incoming waste away from landfill, which is a great thing. Some of the diverted resources were used to construct the Eco House and Garden. Check out their factsheets on the Resources page, and if you live in the area you might find their workshops very handy.
  • The Australian Government’s Your Home web site has a very informative Buyer’s Guide, a Renovator’s Guide, and a Home Technical Manual. They are all designed around helping you to make informed decisions when buying, renovating, or maintaining and using your home to save money, to reduce your environmental impact, and to make your home a safe and healthy haven. The Technical Manual in particular has really good, detailed technical information on things like heating and cooling, energy use, water use, and much more. This is a resource you’ll want to bookmark and refer to regularly. The case studies make for some very good reading about real-world costs and benefits.
  • I made a couple of recipes from River Cottage Everyday this week, too: lamb and couscous salad and sausage and root vegetable stew. Very nice, and frugal too!
  • This week I also visited the home of Permaculture Visions for a garden tour. They run an online permaculture design certificate (PDC) course that you can do at your own pace. I’ve got lots of photos and ideas to share from this one! The photo above is from the tour.

Organic food growing for beginners manual.

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