1. Donna

    I wish i had enough room for more animals… Ill have to be happy with just chooks especially after the failed turkey experiment LOl…. Donna.

  2. When I was a teenager we had two geese in our suburban (quarter-acre) backyard. They were awesome. They do indeed make great guards for your property, and will rush honking at anyone they decide doesn’t belong there. However they bullied our chickens a bit, and the neighbours weren’t keen on the honking. Our lawnmower man took them to his hobby farm and reported back later that they were less territorial now they had a slightly bigger range.

    I think they’d be a great addition to any property that was at least half an acre – smaller than that doesn’t seem to quite be enough for them, in my (short) experience. But they are beautiful and entertaining, and the eggs are great.

    • @JulieG: They sound really interesting, and I think I see some geese in my future. The only ones I’ve seen for sale were quite expensive, though, so I’ll wait until something reasonable comes up. We’ve got the space (and grass!) for them.

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