1. Welcome to Queensland weather. 😉
    Wet weather like that is a great time to see how your property fairs and what kind of water management adjustments need to be made.

    • @Jason: Absolutely! Once I was able to get home (shortly before dark!), I put on the gumboots and had a good walk around to see where the water had been, how it flowed, where it ended up, etc. It was pretty much in line with what I already knew, but we obviously got more water through in a shorter time than I’ve seen here before. My existing plans for swales, gardens, diversions, etc still look like the right way to go, although there are a few areas I’m going to beef up to make sure they can take a higher volume of water without eroding.

  2. Glad to hear you didn’t suffer any major damage. I was at the auction in Berry on Sunday and the weather was pretty horrendous then, seems it got alot worse and I was glad I hadn’t chosen to stay down on Sunday night. Was grateful for my brand new tyres I must say.

    • @Greenfumb: I’ve been wanting to get to one of those poultry auctions, but I always seem to have something on the same weekend. Lucky you got out when you did!

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