If you pay attention to such things, you’ll have noticed that I haven’t posted anything here for about a month.

We went on a big family holiday way up the coast to Evan’s Head (near Ballina), visiting family, going to the beach, and generally doing touristy stuff. The car trip (two full days of travel each way, with three young children!) was, err, let’s just say we don’t bring it up in conversation. But the actual holiday was great!

One of the touristy highlights for the kids was Macadamia Castle at Knockrow, which is excellent if you have children under about 12. They have an animal park where you can feed and pat rabbits, reptiles, goats, alpacas, a miniature horse, chicks, etc. There’s also a tree house, flying fox (zip line), mini train ride, putt putt golf, face painting, and other fun stuff. It’s not huge, but there’s plenty to do and it’s good clean fun.

We returned to a bit of a backlog of commitments and the chaos of a new school term, so I haven’t gotten back to the blogging until now. I’ll post some more updates soon!


  1. Jason Ingram

    Hi Darren
    I am not sure if this is the best place to post this, I had some questions I was wondering if you might help me with, I am looking at making the move to a self sufficient lifestyle myself and was after some advice/help from someone who has done it
    With thanks

  2. Glad you’re back! I missed reading about your life — I was just thinking the other day that, if I could visit the homesteads of three bloggers, you’d be on the list. Too bad you’re all the way in Australia. 🙂

    • @Anna: Yow, thanks! You know you’d both be most welcome here anytime. I’m sure we could talk chooks and gardens for hours on end!

  3. Welcome back Darren! Hope the big family holiday was good.
    So how did you manage to take a holiday and leave home when you have all these animals (chickens, pigs) and plants to take care of?

    • @Edwin: Thanks! The pigs were easy to care for – they’re in the freezer. I had a friend look after the ducks, chickens and guinea pigs. We didn’t worry about the plants, and that turned out OK – it rained a few times, and it’s not a particularly hot time of the year. They’re also well-mulched for the most part. Everything survived, which was good!

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