1. They certainly are a great type of poultry to keep. You can breed brother and sisters without freaky offspring. Best to keep them tame otherwise they are quite skittish around people. A skittish duck will have skittish offspring as she teaches them this behaviour.

    Their meat is not tender by any means, unless you keep them in a small cage which I refuse to do. We now cook them in a pressure cooker with some water on a bed of lemongrass.

    Note that they are more work to process than chickens. So keep that in mind. But they do produce more meat than a chook will. A decent sized bird with yield 2kg dressed. That weight is with minimal purchased feed as they can eat grass to help sustain themselves. Once adults, ration them to a handful morning and night at most if you do not want to have large feed bills.

    Felicity loves the meat and is fine talking about what drake or duck we are eating at the table. That’s my kind of girl. 😉

    Oh yes, watch out for the claws. They are really nasty (e.g. when clipping the wings like I did this morning). Covering their eyes calms them down.

    • @Jason: Thanks, I was hoping you’d comment! I was planning to email you soon to find out what you were doing with your muscovies.

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