Join ‘the world’s most innovative farmer’ (TIME Magazine) Joel Salatin for a unique one-day workshop looking at how to make your small farm more ethical, profitable, and deeply integrated with your local community.

Joel Salatin is a third generation ‘beyond organic’ farmer and author whose family owns and operates Polyface Farm in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley.

He is known and respected world-wide for his family’s innovative and effective farming techniques that allow them to produce ‘beyond organic’ produce effectively, in a way which regenerates their farmland while making them a profitable right-livelihood.

This one day workshop will cover PolyFace Farms animal systems, including pastured poultry, salad bar beef, forested pigerator pork and the main-frame design of the farm.

Also covered will be PolyFace’s ‘relationship marketing’ techniques where the farm interfaces directly with consumers, cutting out the middle men and keeping things clean, honest and real.

Joel will also cover how his farm approaches their internship program, providing young people with a chance to learn PolyFace’s techniques, while providing the Salatin family with an enthusiastic labor force which further benefits the farm.

For more information or bookings, check out the workshop details at the RegenAg web site.

If you’re a farmer, this is a workshop not to be missed!


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