The aims of the program are as follows:

1. To provide information and resources to residents and participants in the program, on how to reduce the breeding, feeding and roosting opportunities of the birds on private property. This also includes information and resources to assist residents with creating back yard habitats for native birds by reducing the amount of lawn and replacing it with local indigenous plants etc.

2. Provide information and support to conduct a humane trapping program on private land that is acceptable to the community, animal welfare agencies and Council. This component of the program also includes information regarding the support available from Council for euthanasing the trapped birds. Participants will receive this information at the compulsory workshops.

3. Survey and record Indian Myna bird numbers, roost trees (species /location) etc to assist with program development and future research of the species in our local area.

Workshop participants are provided with three monthly recording and survey sheets, and we anticipate that we will start to receive sighting and trapping information from the first workshop participants in early July. Interest in the workshops is still strong, with three of the remaining five workshops booked out.

Anyone interested in participating in the Wollongong Indian Myna Action program can ring Council’s customer service number on 4227 7111.


  1. Paula

    Can you please tell me if there are indian miner bird workshops in townsville? We are so sick of cleaning up after these birds. We would much rather native birds in our garden!!

    • @Paula: I’ve no idea whether there are workshops in Townsville. Your best bet would be to ring your local Council and ask. Also check out MynaScan for information about dealing with Indian mynas.

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