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$50 Bunnings Gift Card Winner!

31 July 2011 2 Comments

The winner of the $50 Bunnings gift card from the National Tree Day Giveaway has been randomly selected – and it’s Sonia, who liked peppercorn trees, silver birch, and blueberry ash. I actually have a blueberry ash in my front yard; it’s a very pretty tree in flower.

Sonia, I have your email address from the blog comment, so look out for a message from me!

To select the winner, I used Random.org‘s True Random Number Generator. There were 16 comments, but one was a follow-up comment by somebody who’d already entered, so I chose a random number between 1 and 15. Sonia’s was the 4th comment.

Thanks to all who entered, and I hope everybody had a nice Tree Day!


  • Sonia said:

    Thank you so much Darren! An awesome blessing!

  • Darren (author) said:

    @Sonia: My absolute pleasure! Plus it was super-easy, since I didn’t have to buy the gift card :-).