1. Aw, they’re so cute! You guys are going to enjoy them for a long time! 🙂 I almost want to put my hand in the box and pick one out to take home with me!

    • They are cute – especially when they all snuggle down together for a sleep under the heat lamp. I’ve always found Indian Runners hilarious to look at, like a cross between a penguin and a bowling pin, but fluffy yellow miniature ones really take the cake!

  2. Interesting using a heat lamp for ducklings. My Muscovy ducklings do not need any artificial heat source and do not seem to get any additional warmth from their mother. Mind you, they do huddle up with each other.
    That said, we are in QLD so that might make the difference.

    • @Jason: Yeah, they don’t need heat for as long as chicks. I leave the lamp off during the day when the air is warm, but give them some additional heat through the night. My Muscovy girl is sitting on eggs at the moment – not sure if they’ll be fertile, though – she’s had a few stints in with the drake, but keeps escaping the pen! Time will tell, I guess.

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