1. Deb

    Just one tree, oh man that’s so hard. I love classic gum tree and the Illawarra Flame but I guess if I had to pick one it would have to be the Morton Bay Fig, they are so big and magnificent. I love the twisted buttress roots provide hidey holes and the array of birds that feast on the fruits:)

  2. Kate O

    Decreased incidence of myopia (short sightedness). This is indeed true! As we focus at different distances the lens in our eye changes shape so that we can focus on things a different distance away. Kids who stay inside, particularly those focussing solely on close screens like computers & hand held tech toys are never asking their eyes to focus on a ball 100m away or trees at the end of the oval. Just getting outside for a walk & focussing on the horizon everyday for half an hour is enormously helpful.
    It’s not even the exercise it’s just being in an environment where the furthest thing you can see is not the wall of the room you are in. Sadly my 18 year old son is very short sighted and the above has been given to us as a probable cause. There are reasons for his lifestyle but I wish I had pushed this harder when he was younger. Learn from my experience.

  3. Kate O

    Forgot to write about my fav tree! Probably the Karri. We planted 80 of these majestic trees 3 years ago on our block as we border national park in south west WA. Just love their mottled pale green trunks. Spotted gum is gorgeous too.

  4. Lorraine

    How to pick one? It could be the Macadamia for its delicious nuts or the Blue Quandong or Lilly Pillies for their berries or the native Hibiscus for its lovely flowers or the native Frangipani for its delightful fragrance. I’ll stick with my old favourite the Macadamia.

  5. Jeff

    I like the plum pine (Podocarpus Elatus).
    It is a beautiful tree, especially when the bright green new growth shoots.
    And the purple fleshy base on the seeds is edible.
    I have grown several trees from seed collected in the Illawarra rainforest.

  6. Danny

    My favourite native tree (I hope its native), Liquid Amber. When I was growing up we had one in the front yard. It was a great tree to climb and to hang out under.

  7. Danny

    Ok, looks like liquid amber isnt native. How about the Moreton Bay Fig. Another good climbing tree and provides so much shade. I think I fell asleep under one of these on a long bicycle trip once. I cant remember, I was asleep! šŸ˜›

  8. peter

    I’ve always been partial to the “Melia Azedarach”, otherwise known as the “White Cedar”.

  9. Hannah

    Mine is finger lime! Balls of zesty flavor that burst in your mouth like lime caviar mmmm

  10. Effie Bakkalis

    I love the Golden Wattle, especially when it is in full flower. So beautiful to look at!

  11. I have a yard full of Grevilleas which are great for attracting the birds. I think the best one is Honey Gem, and we can often sit in our dining room and watch the lotikeets drinking its sweet nectar!

  12. Martin

    I like the Eucalyptus tree. It’s iconic back in Sweden where I come from originally. And the scent is so fresh.

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