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Huge Gymea Lilly Flower

22 August 2012 One Comment

We picked this enormous flower today to surprise Megan when she got home:

It’s a flower spike from a Gymea Lilly (Doryanthes excelsa), a native plant from the Sydney coastal area. We’ve got half a dozen of them in the yard, but this is the first year any of them have flowered.

The leaves of our Gymea Lillies are up to 2 metres long, and the girls like to use them to make huge woven mats for their hideouts.

Beginners guide to beekeeping.

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  • tricia said:

    Gorgeous mat! I think I’d like to give that a go. We don’t have Gymea Lillies up this way. Wonder if I could use Banana leaves. Might give it a go.

    Enjoy Sustainable House day this weekend Darren. I imagine you are visiting a few?