1. farmer_Liz

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    Its been hot here in QLD, but not that hot, yet, I think our turn is coming in the next few days. Not looking forward to it. My strategy with the animals is to just let all the chickens free-range and they can find themselves a shady spot, I don’t mind missing out on eggs for a few days just to know that they are comfortable. We have baby chicks at the moment and only have the 25 W heat lamp for them overnight, as the day time temps are hot enough without any extra from the lamp! Sorry to hear about your rabbit and kits, that must have been very sad.

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    Hi Darren,

    A few hot days ranging from 37-41c here in Melton. No major bushfires in our area (yet), but there is so much potential fuel just waiting for that tiny spark to set it off.

    Our chooks have survived so far, changing the water often and letting them free range around the yard.

    Sorry to hear about the bunnies.


  3. Gonzalo Radcliffe

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