1. Donna

    Hi Darren,

    Great to meet you this evening. Really like your blog. You will have to post some pictures of your garden up here to show what you have been doing. You may have alreay since i have forgotten to bring my glasses up stairs i can hardly see this computer screen.

    Again nice to meet you and ill keep in touch and let you know how im going with my sustainable challenge. Cheers. Donna (Wollongong)

  2. Thanks Donna! It was nice to meet up. Hopefully I’ll get some photos posted soon – gotta get some time to sort them all out :-).

  3. Fantastic to hear you got so much out of this consultation Darren – we always wondered how these sessions were. It’s so great to here the consultant had an organic gardening and permaculture background, that’s just so critical for anyone in that kind of role!

    Often organisations into water conservation can simply advocate to plant gardens that don’t need watering at all, but investing some water in fruit trees and veggies has a HUGE net water saving, given the incredible amounts of water that go into producing food people buy from the supermarket. Growing food on a small scale is just so much more sustainable on so many levels!

    Great to hear you got some helpful tips on improving the soil too – the soil is our biggest water tank! Green manure crops are amount fantastic soil improving technique which might be helpful.

    We look forward to hearing more about how your garden is evolving!

    Ally and Rich

  4. Thanks Rich and Ally! I’d always wondered what these consultations were like too, so we figured why not just do it and see. Hopefully after reading our description some other Challengers will also take up the offer.

    Yes, home-grown vegies are way more water-efficient than broadscale agriculture. It makes you wonder why Sydney Water now allows us to wash vehicles and hose windows any day of the week, but they still restrict the watering of vegie gardens. Seems dumb to me. Anyway, hopefully that’ll be a problem of the past soon, when we get some rainwater tanks installed.

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