1. Sounds like such a great event. I only just found out the challenge last week – I would so loved to have joined in. Do you know anything more about the garden at Dapto. I did read something about it very briefly once but was never able to find out any more info. I live at Kanahooka so would love to visit it, and maybe even get involved.
    Best of luck with the challenge. I’m going to subscribe to your blog so I can follow your progress.


  2. Thanks Libby! I’ve seen your blog before too, discovered it via a comment you left at Happy Earth.

    I liked your post on homemade pizza bases – we’ve been making our own using basically a scone recipe. Just SR flour, butter and milk (I think!). It’s just as quick as buying frozen bases, but tastes so much better.

    I’m also going to try making bread rolls like you did. That’s a great idea. I love those cheese and bacon rolls, and they now cost heaps – $2.70 each at Brumby’s!

    I didn’t find out anything more about that Dapto garden yet, but I’ll let you know if I do. It is related to the Dapto Seed Savers group, I think – check out my latest post (in a few minutes!) for more info.

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