1. Donna

    Hi Darren,

    Have you tried back yard poultry web site. They have a notice page with chickens for sale. Now should be a good time as its spring and they will be breeding. I have wellsummers and pekin bantams.. Im getting about 4 eggs per day. Have been giving heaps away.


  2. Donna

    Hi Darren, Just had a quick squizz on back yard poultry..

    http://www.backyardpoultry.com there is a lady in Windsor who is selling Australorps. $15 each. Its only 1 hour 15 min to windsor on the m7 Motor way. we were up there last weekend to look at a new kitten.

    The advertisment was dated the 14 Nov from Sarah. I tried to cut and paste the add but it would not let me. Check it out she may be able to meet you half way. Let me know how you go..


  3. Hi Donna,

    Thanks for the tip! I had found some people down Nowra way via BackyardPoultry.com, but none of them have Australorps at the moment. I also got some suggestions from the Sustainable Illawarra team, so I’ll follow them up too and see what I can find.

    I’ll write another post shortly summarising all the places I’ve been told you can find chickens.

  4. hi darren
    rentachook looks like a brilliant idea. i know lots of people for who this would be a fantastic idea but i haven’t seen anywhere local who does this.

    we’re now almost 9months into chicken rearing and loving every moment (well maybe not ‘loving’ cleaning out the shed…)

  5. Thanks for stopping by Barbara! I couldn’t tell from your blog where you live, but if there’s nobody locally renting chooks there could be a business opportunity. Like you don’t look busy enough as it is :-).

    By the way, I loved your frog and cat-on-ball-of-wool cakes. Very inventive!

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