1. Wow that’s a decent size first eggs. Our first eggs were VERY small. My girls are over 2 yrs now so production is really dropping off.


  2. Yeah, they’re nice and big. I was expecting a few misshapen and small ones to begin with – I’d read that it often takes a few eggs before the hen’s system all gets working properly. She laid another just like the first today.

    Way to go Molly! She got a cicada as a reward this morning :-).

  3. We’ve now had 3 eggs, one every day. I compared them to the large supermarket eggs we buy, which are 59 grams. The two eggs we still have (we ate the first one!) were 55 g and 58 g.

    • Thanks (on behalf of Molly!). She hasn’t had any influence on the silkies’ egg-laying, but she seems to be teaching them to go up the ladder into the upstairs roost area of the chicken ark. Before they would just sleep on the ground.

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