1. Greenfumb

    Good luck with the feijoas, they are my very favourite fruit. I have two with a few fruit on now but Sydney is really a little bit warm for them I think.

  2. Your yard is shaping up great. My hubby has just gotten on the fruit tree kick and has recently planted an avocado and mandarin tree (in addition to the lemon and orange that we already have). He’ll be mighty jealous of your space for trees. We’re on a battleaxe block with a pool in the backyard so not a lot of spare land.


  3. @Greenfumb: I haven’t actually tried feijoas before, but they sound delicious. The advice I got was that feijoas would grow well in this area (just south of Sydney), so hopefully they’ll be OK. Time will tell.

    @Libby: Thanks! We didn’t originally have a lot of space for fruit trees either, but I’m sneaking them in around the edges of our block. We really want to keep a nice grassy playing area for the kids, though, so compromises are being made :-). I think once the kids get a bit older, I’ll turn the whole front yard into a massive vegie patch! I’m also planning to put some apples along our southern fence, and espalier them along it. Should be interesting.

  4. Jason

    What a difference with your front year. The big trees are gone now eh?
    That should give you heaps space to plant things.

    • Yeah, we just had the one small tree actually in our yard. All the big ones were in the neighbour’s yard. Now that they’re gone, we get heaps of sunshine (and so need some shade back!). Terracing the front bit has given us a lot of space to play with too.

      Great to hear from you, by the way!

    • Cool! I’ll look at the photos tonight.

      I’m planting some sweet potato out the front, as well as the potatoes that are there now. Plus Jerusalem artichokes as well.

      There is a local food group in Jamberoo that’s starting to get off the ground, which is really good. I’m not sure I’ll be able to grow enough to trade much though! Maybe I’ll have fruit once the trees get going.

  5. Jason

    There are a number of people in our group who do not trade food, they simply buy it. I would highly recommend attending a session or two in order to check it out. Our group has got a wealth of knowledge. It is great to share ideas and hear ideas from people in the group.

    Say, is it possible for your website to send out an email when a comment has been made to a posting one has commented on?

    • Your group sounds great. I’ll have a look for a plugin that alerts you to replies to comments. That’s a good idea to keep the conversation going. Thanks!

      • For anyone following along at home, I just added the “Subscribe to Comments” plugin. You should now see a little tick-box below the comment box. Ticking it will email you whenever someone leaves a new comment on the post.

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