1. What a fantastic post darren. We are going to get a water tank. Only wish it was installed now with all the rain we have been having.

    I went down yesterday to the community gardens and planted some potatoes and some water melon seeds. Apparently the next 3 days are the moon planting days for top bearing food, seeds. If that makes sence.

    Have a fab weekend and hope to see u next weekend for the seed saving meeting. Im going to bring the kids this time.


    • Thanks Donna! We’ll get a water tank soon too. We don’t have any space around the house, though, so I’m looking at those under-the-house bladder-type tanks. Should be able to get about 5000 litres under there with luck!

      I’ve got potatoes growing across the front of the yard. We loved the last lot we grew, so we’ve sown about 5 times as much this time!

      I’m hoping to get to the SeedSavers meeting, but I’m not sure if I will yet. I’ll probably bring 1 or 2 of the kids if I do come. I want to check out your vegie patch too!

    • No worries Sarhn! I figure if the government wants to help us be more sustainable, it’s our civic duty to help them spend their money. It’s going to help our economy much more than if we all just rush out and buy Chinese-made LCD TVs and BluRay players.

    • @Greg: The bladder says it’s made from a PVC material “which enables potable rainwater storage to Australian Standards”. I won’t be drinking it – just flushing the toilet, washing laundry, and watering the garden with it. Do you know of specific concerns with that?

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