Old Garden Tools Are The Best

Here’s another quick tip for gardeners: you can get awesome garden tools for next to nothing by buying second hand! You can find garden tools going cheap at garage sales, online at places like Facebook or Craigslist, and at tip shops. I like to go for the older tools. They don’t look as ‘nice’ as … [Read more…]

Could Kiama Ban Plastic Bags?

We had another meeting of the Kiama Council Sustainability Advisory Committee tonight, and as always it was a fascinating and stimulating discussion. One of the topics that came up was the question of whether Kiama could ditch plastic bags. There was a [newspaper article in October last year](http://www.kiamaindependent.com.au/article/council_moves_ahead_with_plastic_bag_ban) where the Council announced its intention to … [Read more…]